You Can Have A Life Too!!

One of the drags about being an aid worker (and, well, about life as we know it too!) is that poverty, hunger, conflicts, uprisings, inhumane treatment, and general suffering do not appear to be going away very fast. So, while this admittedly gives you a job and ensures you the basic necessities of shelter, food, water, and the clothes on your back, there are always more people without. This means a) you are always ultra busy (unless, that is, you are the one with your feet on your desk, chillaxing, and you actually aren't particularly concerned by the ways of the world) and b) there's not a hell of a lot of time for you or that elusive thing in the aid world: a PERSONAL LIFE! Yes, friends, you TOO can have one!

Whatever it may be that pumps blood into your veins - your partner, your child, your family, your lover, your dog, singing, playing piano, practicing yoga, running marathons, eating fistfuls of chocolate, standing on your head, reading Shakespeare, painting, sculpting, acting, swimming, learning a new language, meditating, JUST.DO.IT. And, be sure to do something for no one but you each and every day. You need it. Your body and mind will thank you.

Questions to ask yourself:
- If I were at the end of my life, how would I feel? What would I regret? Is there anything I’d do differently?
- If I only had this upcoming year left, how would I spend it? What would I prioritize?

If you happen to have a boss pretending to be a dictator or a drill sergeant, don't drop to your knees and treat this crazy person like royalty. Draw the line and put yourself, your family, your partner, your dog, your whatever first. Take care of you.

What's more: You will be a far better contributor to the aid-working world if you can prove that you value your own life and happiness too.

You know what this means. You've seen that grumpy person, chain-smoking in the back room, bitching about life as an aid worker? Let that not be you.

Sex, Love and Healthy Relationships (i.e. non-Skype) are Essential Too!
Looking for love in all the wrong places? Decided to drop your distanced relationship and already meandered your way through your love options in your location? Why not join a humanitarian dating site? Just think: The risk of STIs is zero. The commitment necessary is zero. But, the options of meeting someone more compatible is immeasurable! Have at it Humanitarian Dating: