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    Honor an Aid Worker in Your Community
    We want to hear from you! Tell us about an aid worker doing especially positive work to help those most in need while also ensuring personal well-being. In other words, this person not only does an astounding job at work, caring for others and treating colleagues, partner NGOs, and the local community with a high degree of respect and appreciation; this person ALSO dedicates time to personal health, safety, and well-being - finding a healthy balance between work and play, office and home, supervisors/colleagues and partner/family.

    Send us details. We want to know! The more information you can provide to support your nomination, the more likely it is that your colleague will be highlighted by global aid worker.

    Send all nominations by filling out the contact us form.

    Tell Us About an Effective Project in Your Community
    It's important to highlight good-quality projects, activities, and "best practices". Tell us about a program or service that make you, your agency, and - most importantly - your community proud!

    Send a detailed description of the project name, date of execution, location, duration, and an overview including the project objectives and what has been accomplished to date. Please also include quotes from local community members and civil society actors. Send your project description through the contact us form.

News on traumatic/critical incidents affecting aid-working staff

Often, news of incidents affecting staff go unreported - even internally - that is, unless the media learns of the incident, as with large-scale attacks, bombings, kidnappings and deaths.

The problem with a lack of reporting is that the perpetrators of the incidents are not held responsible and our employers may not be held accountable for worker’s compensation, for appropriate medical and therapeutic treatment following incidents, for appropriate work placements in the days, weeks, months and even years thereafter, or for helping to counteract stigmas against trauma survivors.

If adequate investigations into incidents affecting us are not conducted, it's as if they never happened. This deflates statistics on incidents, giving outsiders the perception that aid workers enjoy adequate security and measures are taken to ensure this. But, this perception does not always equate to the reality in the field.

It’s important to bring these realities to the attention of the world. Greater attention to these issues helps our employers see in what ways they can improve treatment of their staff - in order to ensure respect to human rights both inside and outside the office.

So, please inform us if you have, or someone you know has, been involved in an incident. Share your critical incident news through the contact us form.

We will not – at any time – provide the names or any other personal information of anyone affected. All personal information will remain anonymous. For example: "March 2008, violent assault against XXX staff person, Central African Republic, no investigation conducted, was not reported to headquarters or beyond, staff person denied any compensation for personal effects, medical treatment, or therapy". If the victim wishes to provide a more detailed account, we will provide additional information but only if it could aid in diminishing similar such incidents against aid workers.

The information provided will be used to educate and inform site visitors on the reality of aid work and also be used generically in advocacy measures on behalf of survivors - with employers and with the general public.

Thank you for helping better document these incidents!