International Aid-Working News

Whether you’re preparing for your first aid-working stint, thinking ahead to your next assignment, or deeply immersed in one location for a few years, it’s important to understand well the current context. Of course, your employer is busy preparing weekly updates to keep you informed. But, that’s only your employer's perspective. Learn about your location’s current events from a number of angles and perspectives so you’re not in the dark . . .

News Sources to Check Out:

News around the globe . . .

- Al Jazeera:
- Associated Press (AP):
- British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC):
- Cable News Network (CNN):
- NY Times:
- National Public Radio (NPR):
- Radio France Internationale:
- Reuters:

News specific to aid-working contexts . . .

- AidNews:
- AlertNet:
- Dawns Digest:
- Development News Daily:
- DevEx :
- Eldis:
- Humanitarian News:
- Human Rights Watch News:
- IrinNews:
- Other World News:
- ReliefWeb:
- UN News Centre:
- UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA):

The Skinny on International Politics

- Just Foreign Policy:
- The Economist: