The humanitarian in you

Refugee child, Great Lakes region, Africa (photo credit: Shannon, UNHCR)

Refugee child, Great Lakes region, Africa (photo credit: Shannon, UNHCR)

The sacrifices aid workers make are numerous but are often overlooked or simply expected. Yet, many aid workers are alone in the field, far from their partners, families and friends. It’s important to support them in their roles and to remind them that they and their work are appreciated.

  • “Adopt” an aid worker in the field and send regular emails, letters and care packages to show your appreciation for this person's work. Click here to express your interest in being a part of this project and we'll contact you once the project is up and running.
  • Send a one-time care package to an aid worker or an entire office in the field. Click here to let us know if there is a particular aid worker and/or an office you wish to support, or just to let us know that you'd like to be a part of this project. We'll contact you once the project is up and running.
  • Identify an aid worker from your community and highlight his/her work in your local newspaper or on your local television to help raise awareness of aid workers and the projects they implement.
  • Provide pro bono services to an aid worker who has faced a traumatic/critical incident and not been adequately supported in terms of worker's compensation, health benefits, police investigations, medical care, etc. If you have the ability to offer such services and would like to do so, please let us know here.

  • Join other members of your community in generating funds to help an orphanage, a school or an aid organization/agency. See examples of orphanages, schools and organizations/agencies to which you can contribute to the left.
  • Join other members of your community to gather school supplies (pencils, pens, crayons, paper, notebooks, folders, children’s books, etc.), infant necessities (cloth diapers,bottles, bibs, clothing, etc.), and other materials (books for any age, clothing, shoes, cloth, hygiene items, blankets, etc.) and donate them to an orphanage, school, refugee camp, etc. in need. Send us an email if you'd like references for orphanages, schools, refugee camps, etc. to assist.
  • Hold a fundraiser to generate funds to share with an orphanage, school, refugee camp, etc.
  • Take an ethically responsible vacation, and volunteer while you sightsee.

  • Advocate for better support for aid workers (with aid-working employers, donors, your government, etc.)
  • Educate your fellow citizens about the reality of assistance being sent to developing countries. (Under 1% of each "developed" country's annual budget was committed for foreign aid by "developed" countries, but rarely have countries met this objective and shared this meagre amount). Push for greater humanitarianism amongst your friends, family, community, and country to ensure greater support and resources to developing countries.
  • Petition your government to prioritize global education and peace, rather than for political interests like war and "defense", capitalism or colonization.
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