Are you alone in the field? Feeling like no one gets what you do? Have thoughts on humanitarian issues you'd like to discuss with like-minded friends? Experienced a traumatic incident in the field and wish to provide survivors support or be understood by other survivors? Find yourself overwhelmed by the never-ending conflicts, poverty, hunger, and (often) bad politics, which you’ve witnessed? Have family/friends in the field whose work you’d like to understand and support? Just interested in connecting with other aid workers?

We want to learn from your experience and expertise as an aid worker too! As a member, you are invited to contribute your thoughts to the global aid worker community - through discussion forums and groups - and also to share information on your favorite spots in a specific country or to buy/sell/rent your apartment, belongings, special classes, or activities in your location.


In this section, you will find:

  • groups: a space for you to connect with other aid workers on topics of interest to you
  • discussion forums: a space for you to share your perspective on specific topics relevant to the aid-working field or to start your own discussion forum
  • your story is my story: a space for you to share your own story about gender-based harassment and/or violence in the field
  • Click on the section of interest to you and begin engaging with other aid workers across the e-waves.

    To help others gain a sense of you and your experience, tell a bit about yourself and explain why you're interested in the group. Don't worry! You may remain anonymous. No need to divulge any personal information, only what you are comfortable sharing! So, choose a username of your choice and start sharing.