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  1. shannonmou

    Spots of a Leopard: On Being a Man

    Gender. It’s a hot topic in the global aid-working world. Policy writers scratch away for hours, drafting policies that promote gender balance in staff hiring and pay. Meanwhile, those busy on the ground make every effort to favor female beneficiaries in the activities they implement, typically viewing women as the most vulnerable of the two sexes. But, what really does gender mean? Why is it so often associated with women, entirely omitting the male sex? Importantly, how does this focus on women in the discussion on gender affect men? How has the movement to promote women’s rights impacted the lives...
  2. admin


    Haunted. I am haunted by the human rights abuses to which I’ve become a witness. For years, through one-on-one interviews, I documented refugees’ flights from their homes. I became intimately familiar with who these people had been before they fled, why they had to flee their countries and under what circumstances. Through their descriptions, refugees transported me back to the attacks on their villages. I heard the guns and the cries of community members who were captured by the attackers. I saw the houses set ablaze amidst rebels decapitating male neighbors and raping girls and women alike. Some of those...
  3. admin

    Humanitarian Assistance: the View from the Other Side

    by Randall Wood & Carmine DeLuca (an extract from The Dictator’s Handbook: a practical manual for the aspiring tyrant (2012, You’re off to help provide desperately needed services to an ailing population whose well-meaning government is willing but unable to help them. Right? Wrong. The world’s dictators, tyrants, and autocrats are happy to invite you in, but on their terms only, where your largesse is just another opportunity for profit, power, and prestige. Here is the advice we provide to dictators. If you understand it, you understand how the “other side” is thinking about your project. The NGO community...

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